The holidays are all about the miracles you make…

The holidays bring with them a magic that we forget to tap into at other times of the year. That magic is remembering to feel joy at the sights and sounds of the holidays, the pure happiness that comes with giving to others, the charitable giving we do at this time of year, remembering to be patient with the crowds and angry shoppers, the appreciation of family and friends, the flavors of our favorite holiday traditional foods, the hugs of family who traveled to see us or to whom we traveled…and so much more!  I am Jewish and grew up with latkas and the lights of our chanukiah. I also love Christmas music, seeing the lights on my neighbors’ homes and the hustle and bustle of the cold days this time of year.
Wishing everyone a joyful holiday season and hoping that I’ve inspired you to remember to stop and take in the things that make you feel grateful this holiday season!! From my family to yours…all good wishes for a blessing-filled holiday!
Wishing you balance,
Bette Levy Alkazian, LMFT
Balanced Parenting