Resolution Success in the New Year!!!

The new year begins this weekend and we are all filled with renewed hope and inspiration to make it a great one! But why is it so hard to stick with our new behaviors and resolutions that we SO want to fulfill? Let’s proactively address what sabotages us so that we can actually lose the weight, save for that vacation, kick that bad habit or whatever your goals may be.
We need to live in the present. We are so busy running, running, running all of the time that we forget to be in our lives! We need to spend more time BEING and not DOING. We need to be still once in a while so we can hear what our intuition is trying to tell us. If we are still, we have a choice about what we put in our mouths. If we are still, we have a moment to choose how we want to handle a situation, rather than reacting and regretting.
Let’s resolve to spend more time being still and making 2017 what WE want it to be, not whatever happens by default in the smoke of our acceleration.  What do you resolve to do in 2017???
Wishing you balance,
Bette Levy Alkazian, LMFT
Balanced Parenting