Happy New Year! Now, Let’s Make Changes!

Happy New Year,

Everyone is saying it. Kind wishes in 2017 are lovely, but what does it really mean? What does it mean to you? What could you make it mean? I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.  It’s simply that when we are given those wishes, we should think about them differently.

When someone wishes you Happy New Year, ask yourself, “what am I doing right now to actually make it a great new year?”  We all have goals and may even make new year’s resolutions. At the very least, we have things we want to accomplish. I have set goals for my business and goals for myself personally.

What about parenting? We can all set goals to be more patient, to yell less, to spend more time engaged with our kids (without our phones) and to help them to learn to cope with their feelings with our loving guidance.  How do we get there?

Every time someone wishes you Happy New Year in the coming week or two, take a moment to evaluate how you’re doing.  After the first couple weeks of the year, come up with another “trigger phrase” that becomes your reminder to self-evaluate.  Then, ask yourself “how am I doing?” or “where am I headed?” – am I headed toward my goals or away from my goals? Am I being patient with my kids? Am I connecting with my kids? What is getting in my way? What adjustments do I need to make?  (Remember to be kind to yourself as you make adjustments – no self-punishing thoughts or mean comments to yourself!)

Here’s hoping that this small tip keeps you on track all year long – and me, too!

Wishing you balance and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😉

Bette Levy Alkazian, LMFT
Balanced Parenting