Workshop Options

Bette offers a variety of options designed to suit your group’s needs. Great for teachers, parents, and after-school caregivers alike, each package offers something a little different.


Option One – 1-1/2 Hour Seminar

Our smallest package is a 90 minute presentation including Q & A


Option Two – 4 Hour Seminar

One of our most popular packages. It includes:

• Keynote Address and Overview (1 hour)

• Small Group Breakout sessions (2 ½ hours)

By its end, teachers and parents will be able to:

• Identify your adult-child unit mission

• Identify at least 5 key, non-negotiable key values

• Identify your Current Status vs. your Ideal Status (via Gap Analysis)

• List 2-3 gaps

• Identify the root causes of the gaps, as well as how to solve them

At the end of the Seminar, each participant will leave with:

• 2 short-term and 3 long-term goals.

• A dated Action Plan that Bette will follow up on with them.


Option Three – Full Day Seminar

Designed for smaller groups, this option includes all of the above, plus:

• Individualized Personality Assessment

• Love Language Identification


Option Four –2-Day Workshop

This option best serves groups of 12 or more participants, and includes everything in the above workshops, plus:

• Up to 4 additional specific topics of the organization’s choice, OR

• 12 thirty-minute private coaching sessions