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Mommy Power Hour


Join us on ZOOM every Monday at 3pm for a call co-hosted by Bette Alkazian, Parenting Guru, and DeLaine Clifford of Deliberately Classy on the Deliberately Classy Facebook Page.  Together we hope to bring joy, laughter and new ideas for coping through this quarantine time and being your best Mommy Self!  

Make yourself a priority for this one hour and join us!  You’ll be so glad you did!!

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Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have…but you don’t have to do it alone!

If you are…
Fighting meltdowns, defiance or angry attitudes...
Exhausted at the end of a day with your kids…
Feeling like you have to argue or negotiate with your kids day and night…
Worried your children are not respectful or expect too much of you…
Tearing your hair out from your baby’s sleep issues…
Wondering if you expect too little of your kids...

Then you have found the right place! We are here to help bring peace and a balance to your family.
We are Balanced Parenting.


Through private sessions, parenting parties, and speaking engagements, parents all over Southern California are learning about the “Balanced Parenting” methods of raising kids to become great adults. 

Come to coffee with bette

Have you ever wished you had an expert to help you in your parenting journey? Now you do! Join Bette and fellow parents to discuss your challenges, questions and kids’ quirks!

No cost to attend and children are welcome! 

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Value of the month: Resilience

We all need to bounce back when things take us down or just get us down. We can’t let ourselves stay stuck in any feelings or life situation.

Here are some tips to build resilience:

1.     Let your support system help you

2.     See challenges as learning opportunities

3.     Set realistic goals and achieve them

4.     Be kind to yourself as you go through things

5.     Take action – it’s the antidote to anxiety and depression and staying stuck

6. See your successes, celebrate them and give yourself credit and let this motivate you to continue moving forward


"My 5 yr. old son was throwing tantrums and creating major stress in our family. After two sessions, Bette found the real issues and gave me the tools and encouragement to be a better parent. After a few weeks, my son’s behavior improved dramatically and just keeps getting better!”
Cm, Thousand Oaks