Bette's Speaking Topics

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Bette is available to provide her expertise on a variety of parenting topics. Bette offers a variety of options designed to suit your group’s needs. Great for teachers and parents alike, Bette can create a package perfect for your group's interests and needs.

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Bette Levy Alkazian

Bette's Speaking topics include:

Raising Grateful Kids in an Overindulgent World

Finding Happiness in Parenting

Raising Great Kids Without Bribes, Threats, Spanking or Pulling Your Hair Out

Sibling Rivalry: Teaching Our Kids to be Friends For Life

In-Laws: The Joys and Challenges

Coping Skills to Ensure Our Kids Become Great Adults (this one is about Emotional Intelligence, and is also called, “Helping Our Kids Through the Rough Moments”)

Parenting Backwards: Raising Our Kids to Become Fabulous Adults by Looking Forward and Working Backwards (based on my book)

Being Married, Staying Married and Raising Kids, Too!

 Great Communication = Great Relationships

Potty Learning: The Do’s, Don’ts and the Oops of Poops

Reinventing Yourself:  The New “Me” After Mom-my! (for soon-to-be empty nesters)

What Is Self-Esteem, Why Do My Kids Need It and Where Do We FindIt? (for parents of young children or middle schoolers)

Tempering the Tantrums!

Raising Kids in a New and Ever-Changing Era of Technology and Social Media (who’s teaching whom in an iSavvy world: parenting in today’s tech world)

The Joys and Challenges of Your 1,2,3,4, and 5 Year-Olds – Understanding Development and What To Expect

Changing Roles as Our Kids Become Teens

Parental Anxiety: Our Anxiety About Our Kids’ Success, Wanting Them to be Perfect, and How Our Anxiety Impacts Our Kids and Their Relationships

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