What is a parenting and family coach?

A Parent and Family Coach is someone who works with families to help them create…

A more balanced life and less stressful home environment

Appropriate boundaries, structure and routine for children

Goals for their family to achieve a happy and satisfying home life

A wide array of tools for parenting, support and resources

As a Parent and Family Coach, Bette helps families to deal with issues that impact the family such as: challenging behaviors, mothers returning to the workforce, difficult relationships with in-laws, a new baby entering the family, sibling rivalry, over-scheduled families, going from a career woman to a full-time mom, parents taking care of themselves and each other. 

Bette works with parents to set firm, loving limits with their children to raise them into resilient, self-reliant, empathetic adults. She can also help with specific issues such as sleep habits, anxiety, defiance, homework structuring, decision making, over-indulgence, good hygiene, appropriate expression of emotions, and so much more! Working with a Family and Parenting Coach will help your family find a more balanced and happy life!